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Abstract: We continue the study of heterotic non-Abelian BPS-saturated flux tubesstrings. Previously, such solutions were obtained in UN gauge theories: N=2supersymmetric QCD deformed by superpotential terms \mu A^2 breaking N=2supersymmetry down to N=1. In these models one cannot consider the limit\mu\to\infty which would eliminate adjoint fields: the bulk theory develops aHiggs branch; the emergence of massless particles in the bulk precludes onefrom taking the limit \mu\to\infty. This drawback is absent in the M modelhep-th-0701040 where the matter sector includes additional -meson- fields Mintroduced in a special way. We generalize our previous results to the M model,derive the heterotic string the string world-sheet theory is a heteroticN=2,0 sigma model, with the CPN-1 target space for bosonic fields and anextra right-handed fermion coupled to the fermion fields of the N=2,2 CPN-1model, and then explicitly obtain all relevant zero modes. This allows us torelate parameters of the microscopic M model to those of the world-sheettheory. The limit \mu\to\infty is perfectly smooth. Thus, the full-blown andfully analyzed heterotic string emerges, for the first time, in the N=1 theorywith no adjoint fields. The fate of the confined monopoles is discussed.

Autor: P. A. Bolokhov, M. Shifman, A. Yung


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