Acid DNases and their interest among apoptotic endonucleases.Report as inadecuate

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* Corresponding author 1 Physiopathologie des Maladies Oculaires : Innovations Therapeutiques

Abstract : Apoptosis is characterised by cell shrinkage, nuclear condensation and internucleosomal DNA cleavage. Besides the central role of caspases and other proteases, cell death triggers DNA degradation so that DNases have an active role in apoptotic cell death. The best characterised apoptotic DNase is CAD, a neutral Mg-dependent endonuclease. Its activity is regulated by its inhibitor, ICAD, which is cleaved by caspases. Other neutral DNases have been shown to cleave nuclear DNA in apoptotic conditions: endonuclease G, GADD. In cells, the cytosolic pH is maintained to 7.2, mostly due to the activity of the Na+-H+ exchanger. In many apoptotic conditions, a decrease of the intracellular pH has been shown. This decrease may activate different acid DNases, mostly when pH decreases below 6.5. Three acidic DNases II are so far known : DNase II α , DNase II β and L-DNase II, a DNase II, derived from the serpin LEI Leukocyte Elastase Inhibitor. Their activation during cell death is discussed in this review.

keyword : DNases endonucleases apoptosis

Author: Marie-France Counis - Alicia Torriglia -



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