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Abstract: Hallmarks of quantum mechanics include superposition and entanglement. In thecontext of large complex systems, these features should lead to situations likeSchrodinger-s cat, which exists in a superposition of alive and dead statesentangled with a radioactive nucleus. Such situations are not observed innature. This may simply be due to our inability to sufficiently isolate thesystem of interest from the surrounding environment - a technical limitation.Another possibility is some as-of-yet undiscovered mechanism that prevents theformation of macroscopic entangled states. Such a limitation might depend onthe number of elementary constituents in the system or on the types of degreesof freedom that are entangled. One system ubiquitous to nature whereentanglement has not been previously demonstrated is distinct mechanicaloscillators. Here we demonstrate deterministic entanglement of separatedmechanical oscillators, consisting of the vibrational states of two pairs ofatomic ions held in different locations. We also demonstrate entanglement ofthe internal states of an atomic ion with a distant mechanical oscillator.

Author: J. D. Jost, J. P. Home, J. M. Amini, D. Hanneke, R. Ozeri, C. Langer, J. J. Bollinger, D. Leibfried, D. J. Wineland

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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