Sand-assisted fluidization of large cylindrical and spherical biomass particles: Experiments and simulationReport as inadecuate

Sand-assisted fluidization of large cylindrical and spherical biomass particles: Experiments and simulation - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

1 EPM - Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal 2 LGC - Laboratoire de génie chimique 3 IMFT - Institut de mécanique des fluides de Toulouse

Abstract : In this study, bubbling fluidization of a sand fluidized bed with different biomass loadings are investigated by means of the experiments and numerical simulation. The radioactive particle tracking RPT technique is employed to explore the impact of the particle shape factor on the biomass distribution and velocity profiles when it is fluidized in a 152 mm diameter bed with a 228 mm static height. Using a pair of fiber optic sensors, the bubbling characteristics of these mixtures at the upper half of the dense bed are determined at superficial gas velocities ranging from U=0.2 m-s to U=1.0 m-s. The experimental results show that despite cycling with a similar frequency, spherical biomass particles rise faster and sink slower than the cylindrical biomass particles. Furthermore, bubbles are more prone to break in the presence of biomass particles with lower sphericity. In the separate series of experiments, the reliability of the -frozen bed- technique to quantify the axial distribution of biomass particles is assessed by the RPT results. Using NEPTUNE CFD software, three-dimensional numerical simulations are carried out via an Eulerian n-fluid approach. Validation of the simulation results with the experiments demonstrates that, in general, simulation satisfactorily reproduces the key fluidization and mixing features of biomass particles such as the global and local time-average distribution and velocity profiles.

Keywords : Fluidization Radioactive particle tracking Biomass processing CFD simulation Mixing

Author: Farzam Fotovat - Renaud Ansart - Mehrdji Hemati - Olivier Simonin - Jamal Chaouki -



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