Landscape of superconducting membranes - High Energy Physics - TheoryReport as inadecuate

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Abstract: The AdS-CFT correspondence may connect the landscape of string vacua and the`atomic landscape- of condensed matter physics. We study the stability of alandscape of IR fixed points of N=2 large N gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions,dual to Sasaki-Einstein compactifications of M theory, towards asuperconducting state. By exhibiting instabilities of charged black holes inthese compactifications, we show that many of these theories have chargedoperators that condense when the theory is placed at a finite chemicalpotential. We compute a statistical distribution of critical superconductingtemperatures for a subset of these theories. With a chemical potential of onemilliVolt, we find critical temperatures ranging between 0.24 and 165 degreesKelvin.

Author: Frederik Denef, Sean A. Hartnoll


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