El desequilibrio de lo político en hegel Report as inadecuate

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Patricio Landaeta Mardones ;Tópicos, Revista de Filosofía 2016, 51

Author: Juan Ignacio Arias Krause

Source: http://www.redalyc.org/articulo.oa?id=323047487006


Tópicos, Revista de Filosofía ISSN: 0188-6649 kgonzale@up.edu.mx Universidad Panamericana México Arias Krause, Juan Ignacio; Landaeta Mardones, Patricio The Imbalance of the Political Realm in Hegel Tópicos, Revista de Filosofía, núm.
51, 2016, pp.
139-158 Universidad Panamericana Distrito Federal, México Disponible en: http:--www.redalyc.org-articulo.oa?id=323047487006 Cómo citar el artículo Número completo Más información del artículo Página de la revista en redalyc.org Sistema de Información Científica Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina, el Caribe, España y Portugal Proyecto académico sin fines de lucro, desarrollado bajo la iniciativa de acceso abierto The Imbalance of the Political Realm in Hegel Juan Ignacio Arias Krause Centro de Estudios Avanzados, Universidad de Playa Ancha, Chile juan.arias@upla.cl Patricio Landaeta Mardones Centro de Estudios Avanzados, Universidad de Playa Ancha, Chile patricio.landaeta@upla.cl Abstract The political problem of civil society is based on its dual form of expression: first, in civil society the external character or purpose of the state is revealed and, second, a split occurs within the same state.
Such problem appears contradictory (the outer and inner being at once) is presented in the political thought of Hegel, in order to overcome the dichotomies that in modern political theory appeared as insurmountable.
In Hegel’s idea of law, this overcoming is performed by an internalization of those elements that had previously been excluded from politics, such as the natural and the private domain, which emerge in civil society.
Thus, this article discusses these elements in order to show how this movement of internalization and externalization of them constitute the event of politics. Key words: civil society; political imbalance; Hegel; state; philosophy of law. Received: 09 - 10 - 2015.
Accepted: 14 - 01 - 2016. Tópicos, Revista de Filosofía 51 (2016), 139-158. 140 Juan Ignacio Ari...

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