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Abstract: In this second paper of the sequel of two papers, we further investigate theproblem of molecular cloud MC collision. Anathpindika 2009 hereafter paperI considered highly supersonic cloud collisions and examined the effect ofbending and shearing instabilities on the shocked gas slab. We now considermoderately supersonic cloud collisions precollision cloud velocities of order1.2 km s$^{-1}$ to 2.4 km s$^{-1}$.In the current paper, we present five SPH simulations of fast head-on and-oroff-centre cloud collisions to study the evolution of ram pressure confined gasslabs. The relevant thermodynamics in the problem is simplified by adopting asimple barytropic equation of state. We explore the parameter space by varyingthe pre-collision velocity and the temperature of the post collision gas slab.The temperature in a pressure compressed gas slab is crucial to its dynamicalevolution. The pressure confined gas slabs become Jeans unstable if the averagesound crossing time, $t {cr}$, of putative clumps condensing out of them, ismuch larger than their free fall time, $t {ff}$. Self gravitating clumps mayspawn multiple-larger $N$-body star clusters. Warmer gas slabs are unlikely tofragment and may end up as diffuse gas clouds.

Author: S. V. Anathpindika


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