Quantum Gravity on the Lattice - General Relativity and Quantum CosmologyReport as inadecuate

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Abstract: I review the lattice approach to quantum gravity, and how it relates to thenon-trivial ultraviolet fixed point scenario of the continuum theory. After abrief introduction covering the general problem of ultraviolet divergences ingravity and other non-renormalizable theories, I cover the general methods andgoals of the lattice approach. An underlying theme is the attempt atestablishing connections between the continuum renormalization group results,which are mainly based on diagrammatic perturbation theory, and the recentlattice results, which apply to the strong gravity regime and are inherentlynon-perturbative. A second theme in this review is the ever-present naturalcorrespondence between infrared methods of strongly coupled non-abelian gaugetheories on the one hand, and the low energy approach to quantum gravity basedon the renormalization group and universality of critical behavior on theother. Towards the end of the review I discuss possible observationalconsequences of path integral quantum gravity, as derived from the non-trivialultraviolet fixed point scenario. I argue that the theoretical frameworknaturally leads to considering a weakly scale-dependent Newton-s costant, witha scaling violation parameter related to the observed scaled cosmologicalconstant and not, as naively expected, to the Planck length.

Author: Herbert W. Hamber

Source: https://arxiv.org/


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