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Abstract: An SU3 symmetric model with high predictivity for octet meson \pi, Kquark fragmentation functions with a simple approach to SU3 symmetry breakingdue to the relatively heavy strange quarks is extended to the singlet sector,with some reasonable assumptions, in order to study \eta and \eta-fragmentation. Due to the presence of SU3 symmetry, fits to the \pi and Kdata help to constrain the fragmentation functions for \eta and \eta- mesons.The use of 2-jet and 3-jet especially the gluon jet inclusive mesonproduction in e^+e^- collisions and \pi, \eta inclusive production in p pcollisions enable the extraction of the gluon fragmentation functions as well.While sea quarks in strange mesons K^{+-},K^0,Kbar^0 and the heavier \eta,\eta- mesons are suppressed by a factor of lambda H = m \pi^2-m H^2 < 0.1 forH=K,\eta,\eta-, the gluons are not as severely suppressed: f g^H=0.3-0.35. Adetailed parametrisation of the three independent fragmentation functions Vx,Q2, \gammax, Q2, and D gx, Q2 are given in LO QCD; all nonet meson gluonfragmentation functions and quark fragmentation functions of all flavours canbe expressed in terms of these functions with a few model parameters including\lambda H and f g. The data prefer a nonet mixing angle-24deg<=\theta P<=-16deg and rule out no-mixing.

Autor: D. Indumathi, Basudha Misra The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India


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