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Abstract: Multi-instrument data sets of NOAA AR10938 on Jan. 16, 2007, e.g.,{\emph{Hinode}}, {\it{STEREO}}, {\it{GOES}}, {\it{MLSO}} and {\it{ISOON}}H$\alpha$ are utilized to study the fine structure and evolution of a magneticloop system exhibiting multiple crossing threads, whose arrangement andindividual shapes are very suggestive of individual field lines in a flux rope.The footpoints of the magnetic threads are closely rooted into pores and plageareas. A C-class flare recorded by {\it{GOES}} at approximately 2:35 UT nearone of the footpoints of the multi-thread system along with a wisp of loopmaterial shown by EUV data led to the brightening of the magnetic structurerevealing its fine structure with several threads that indicate a high degreeof linking suggesting a left-handed helical pattern as shown by the filamentstructure formed later-on. EUV observations by {\emph{Hinode}}-EIS of hotspectral lines at 2:46 UT show a complex structure of coronal loops. The samefeatures were observed about 20 minutes later in X-ray images from{\emph{Hinode}}-XRT and about 30 minutes further in EUV images of{\it{STEREO}}-SECCHI-EUVI with much better resolution. H$\alpha$ and 304 {\AA}images revealed the presence of several filament fibrils in the same area. Theyevolved a few hours later into a denser structure seemingly showing helicalstructure, which persistently lasted for several days forming a segment of alarger scale filament. The present observations provide an important indicationfor a flux robe as a precursor of a solar filament.

Autor: N.-E. Raouafi

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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