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* Corresponding author 1 IRB - Institut de recherche en biothérapie 2 Immunopathologie des maladies tumorales et autoimmunes 3 UM1 Médecine - Montpellier 1 - UFR de Médecine 4 IGH - Institut de génétique humaine 5 Service de gynécologie-obstétrique et médecine de la reproduction

Abstract : BACKGROUND: The understanding of the mechanisms regulating human oocyte maturation is still rudimentary. We have identified transcripts differentially expressed between immature and mature oocytes and cumulus cells. METHODS: Using oligonucleotide microarrays, genome-wide gene expression was studied in pooled immature and mature oocytes or cumulus cells from patients who underwent IVF. RESULTS: In addition to known genes, such as DAZL, BMP15 or GDF9, oocytes up-regulated 1514 genes. We show that PTTG3 and AURKC are respectively the securin and the Aurora kinase preferentially expressed during oocyte meiosis. Strikingly, oocytes overexpressed previously unreported growth factors such as TNFSF13-APRIL, FGF9, FGF14 and IL4 and transcription factors including OTX2, SOX15 and SOX30. Conversely, cumulus cells, in addition to known genes such as LHCGR or BMPR2, overexpressed cell-to-cell signalling genes including TNFSF11-RANKL, numerous complement components, semaphorins SEMA3A, SEMA6A and SEMA6D and CD genes such as CD200. We also identified 52 genes progressively increasing during oocyte maturation, including CDC25A and SOCS7. CONCLUSION: The identification of genes that were up- and down-regulated during oocyte maturation greatly improves our understanding of oocyte biology and will provide new markers that signal viable and competent oocytes. Furthermore, genes found expressed in cumulus cells are potential markers of granulosa cell tumours.

Keywords : oocytes germinal cells microarray cumulus

Autor: Said Assou - Tal Anahory - Véronique Pantesco - Tanguy Le Carrour - Franck Pellestor - Bernard Klein - Lionel Reyftmann - Hervé



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