Manual for transference work scale; a micro-analytical tool for therapy process analysesReport as inadecuate

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BMC Psychiatry

, 14:291

Social psychiatry, therapy and provision of mental health care


BackgroundThe present paper is a manual for the Transference Work Scale TWS. The inter-rater agreement on the 26 TWS items was good to excellent and previously published. TWS is a therapy process rating scale focusing on Transference Work TW i.e. analysis of the patient-therapist relationship. TW is considered a core active ingredient in dynamic psychotherapy. Adequate process scales are needed to identify and analyze in-session effects of therapist techniques in psychodynamic psychotherapy and empirically establish their links to outcome. TWS was constructed to identify and categorize relational transference interventions, and explore the in-session impact of analysis of the patient-therapist relationship transference work. TWS has sub scales that rate timing, content, and valence of the transference interventions, as well as response from the patient.

MethodsDescriptions and elaborations of the items in TWS are provided. Clinical examples of transference work from the First Experimental Study of Transference Interpretations FEST are included and followed by examples of how to rate transcripts from therapy sessions with TWS.

ResultsThe present manual describes in detail the rating procedure when using Transference Work Scale. Ratings are illustrated with clinical examples from FEST.

ConclusionTWS might be a potentially useful tool to explore the interaction of timing, category, and valence of transference work in predicting in-session patient response as well as treatment outcome. TWS might prove especially suitable for intensive case studies combining quantitative and narrative data.

Trial registry nameFirst Experimental Study of Transference-interpretations FEST307-95. Registration number: Identifier: NCT00423462. URL:

KeywordsTransference Manual Psychodynamic In-session process AbbreviationsATOSAchievement of therapeutic objectives scale

APSAnalytic process scales

CIPRSComprehensive psychotherapeutic interventions rating scale

DSM-IVDiagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fourth edition

FESTFirst experimental study of transference-interpretations

CPPSComparative psychotherapy process scale

FWC-24Feeling word checklist-24

GAFGlobal assessment of functioning

GSIGlobal severity index total mean score of symptom checklist-90

IIP-CInventory of interpersonal problems-circumplex version

ISTSInterpretive and supportive technique scale

PFSPsychodynamic functioning scale

Q-setPsychotherapy process Q-set

PIRSPsychodynamic intervention rating scale

QORQuality of object relation score

TIRSTherapist intervention rating system

TITransference intervention

TWTransference work

TWSTransference work scale

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Author: Randi Ulberg - Svein Amlo - Per Høglend


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