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* Corresponding author 1 Neuroscience and Behaviour Division

Abstract : It seems important to find the conceptual and simulated ways that will help us advance to a more integral understanding of the properties that enable concerted interaction among all the components in biological systems. What are the reasons in the physical reality that make possible both the emergence and self-maintenance of cellular organization, the nature of which is functional? An interesting problem is ascertaining the causes that produced the emergence of dynamic organization in living organisms. Hence, to ask about the emergence of the dynamic organization of living systems prompts us, by necessity, to ask about its origin. Perhaps, the crucial controversy between -RNA-first- and -metabolism-first- scenario would be better comprehended focusing our quest in the deepen implications of biological functions and information emergence.

Keywords : far from thermodynamic equilibrium self-organized systems prebiotic world dynamics open-ended evolution evolvability far from thermodynamic equilibrium.

Author: Walter Riofrio -

Source: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/


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