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Abstract: The production of $W^+ W^-$ pair in hadron colliders was calculated up toloop corrections by some authors in the Electroweak standard model SMframework. This production was also calculated, at the tree level, in someextensions of the SM such as the vector singlet, the fermion mirror fermion andthe vector doublet models by considering the contributions of new neutral gaugebosons and exotic fermions. The obtained results for $e^+ e^-$ and $pp$collisions pointed out that the new physics contributions are quite important.This motivates us to calculate the production of a more massive charged gaugeboson predicted by the ${SU 3 C \times SU 3 L \times U 1 X}$ model 3-3-1model. Thus, the aim of the present paper is to analyze the role played by ofthe extra gauge boson ${Z^\prime}$ and of the exotic quarks, predicted in theminimal version of the 3-3-1 model, by considering the inclusive production ofa pair of bileptons $V^\pm$ in the reaction $p + p \longrightarrow V^+ + V^-+ X$, at the Large Hadron Collider LHC energies.Our results show that the correct energy behavior of the elementary crosssection follows from the balance between the contributions of the extra neutralgauge boson with those from the exotic quarks. The extra neutral gauge bosoninduces flavor-changing neutral currents FCNC at tree level, and we haveintroduced the ordinary quark mixing matrices for the model when the firstfamily transforms differently to the other two with respect to $SU3 L$. Weobtain a huge number of heavy bilepton pairs produced for two different valuesof the center of mass energy of the LHC.

Autor: E. Ramirez Barreto, Y. A. Coutinho, J. Sá Borges



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