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Abstract: The scientific impact of the research of 36 astronomy PhD grantingdepartments is measured and ranked here. Because of the complex nature ofUniversities, this study looks at the Universities in two ways; first analyzingthe impact of the published work over a 10 year period of the Department whichgrants the PhD and; second, looking at the impact of the published work as awhole including Laboratories, Centers, and Facilities. The Universitiesconsidered in the study are drawn from the 1992 NRC study on Programs ofResearch, Doctorate in Astrophysics and Astronomy with three Universitiesadded. Johns Hopkins, Michigan State, and Northwestern all host substantialastronomical research within their Departments of Physics and Astronomy and soare included here. The first method of measuring impact concentrates on tenuredand tenured track faculty, with the top quartile being 1. Caltech, 2. UC SantaCruz, 3. Princeton, 4. Harvard, 5. U Colorado, Boulder, 6. SUNY, Stony Brook,7. Johns Hopkins, 8. Penn State, and 9. U Michigan, Ann Arbor. The secondmethod additionally includes -soft money- scientists in research and adjunctfaculty positions, with the top quartile being 1. UC Santa Cruz, 2. Princeton,3. Johns Hopkins 4. Penn State, 5. SUNY Stony Brook, 6. U Michigan, Ann Arbor,7. New Mexico State, 8. UMass, Amherst, and 9. U Virginia. Both methods revealimportant aspects of Universities, representing both the depth and the breadthof the science available at the University. Finally, a comparison is made ofthe total articles published in the 10 year period, both from the departmentsalone and from the larger universities. Three Universities have both impactindex in the top quartile, and have more than 1000 publications in a decade; UCat Santa Cruz, Princeton, and Johns Hopkins.

Author: Anne L. Kinney


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