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Abstract: We review a work by M.Ninomiya and myself about a model for the initial state- i.e. which solution to the equations of motions - that is being realized. Theto be realized solution is suggeted to be the one for which a certain numberdepending on the whole history of the development of the whole Unverse isminimal. This number is called -the imaginary part of the action- and sincethis article is meant to be somewhat popular the concept of an action issuggestively explained. At first the model of ours give too many miracles, butwe believe to have argued that the number of miracles is drastically reduced sothe model is not immediately excluded from having a chance of being true. Asuggested miracle that has occured is the stopping by the US Congress of thelarge accelerator SSC under construction already in Texas. A similar bad faitis predicted for the soon to start accelerator LHC in Geneva! By translationsubmission it has still not started up to its proper energy per particle.

Author: Holger B. Nielsen


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