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* Corresponding author 1 GIPSA-CICS - CICS GIPSA-DIS - Département Images et Signal 2 ANTE-INSERM U836, équipe 5 - Neuro-imagerie fonctionnelle et métabolique GIN - Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences 3 Behavioural & Clinical Neuroscience Institute 4 GIPSA-lab - Grenoble Images Parole Signal Automatique 5 Service de Réanimation Médicale Strasbourg 6 LSIIT - Laboratoire des Sciences de l-Image, de l-Informatique et de la Télédétection 7 Service de radiologie Strasbourg 8 Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust 9 Clinical Unit Cambridge

Abstract : Human brain networks have topological properties in common with many other complex systems, prompting the following question: what aspects of brain network organization are critical for distinctive functional properties of the brain, such as consciousness? To address this question, we used graph theoretical methods to explore brain network topology in resting state functional MRI data acquired from 17 patients with severely impaired consciousness and 20 healthy volunteers. We found that many global network properties were conserved in comatose patients. Specifically, there was no significant abnormality of global efficiency, clustering, small-worldness, modularity, or degree distribution in the patient group. However, in every patient, we found evidence for a radical reorganization of high degree or highly efficient -hub- nodes. Cortical regions that were hubs of healthy brain networks had typically become nonhubs of comatose brain networks and vice versa. These results indicate that global topological properties of complex brain networks may be homeostatically conserved under extremely different clinical conditions and that consciousness likely depends on the anatomical location of hub nodes in human brain networks.

Mots-clés : consciousness disorders neuroimaging connectome topology

Autor: Sophie Achard - Chantal Delon-Martin - Petra Vértes - Félix Renard - Maleka Schenck - Francis Schneider - Christian Heinrich -



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