Nonequilibrium fluctuations in a resistorReport as inadecuate

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1 Phys-ENS - Laboratoire de Physique de l-ENS Lyon

Abstract : In small systems where relevant energies are comparable to thermal agitation, fluctuations are of the order of average values. In systems in thermodynamical equilibrium, the variance of these fluctuations can be related to the dissipation constant in the system, exploiting the Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem FDT. In non-equilibrium steady systems, Fluctuations Theorems FT additionally describe symmetry properties of the probability density functions PDFs of the fluctuations of injected and dissipated energies. We experimentally probe a model system: an electrical dipole driven out of equilibrium by a small constant current $I$, and show that FT are experimentally accessible and valid. Furthermore, we stress that FT can be used to measure the dissipated power $\bar{\cal P}=RI^2$ in the system by just studying the PDFs symmetries.

Keywords : Langevin dynamics Fluctuation theorem Out of equilibrium

Author: Nicolas Garnier - Sergio Ciliberto -



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