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Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

, 18:86

First Online: 15 November 2016Received: 02 November 2016Accepted: 02 November 2016


There were 116 articles published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance JCMR in 2015, which is a 14% increase on the 102 articles published in 2014. The quality of the submissions continues to increase. The 2015 JCMR Impact Factor which is published in June 2016 rose to 5.75 from 4.72 for 2014 as published in June 2015, which is the highest impact factor ever recorded for JCMR. The 2015 impact factor means that the JCMR papers that were published in 2013 and 2014 were cited on average 5.75 times in 2015. The impact factor undergoes natural variation according to citation rates of papers in the 2 years following publication, and is significantly influenced by highly cited papers such as official reports. However, the progress of the journal-s impact over the last 5 years has been impressive. Our acceptance rate is <25% and has been falling because the number of articles being submitted has been increasing. In accordance with Open-Access publishing, the JCMR articles go on-line as they are accepted with no collating of the articles into sections or special thematic issues. For this reason, the Editors have felt that it is useful once per calendar year to summarize the papers for the readership into broad areas of interest or theme, so that areas of interest can be reviewed in a single article in relation to each other and other recent JCMR articles. The papers are presented in broad themes and set in context with related literature and previously published JCMR papers to guide continuity of thought in the journal. We hope that you find the open-access system increases wider reading and citation of your papers, and that you will continue to send your quality papers to JCMR for publication.

AbbreviationsAIFArterial input function


CAContrast agent

CMRCardiovascular magnetic resonance

CRTCardiac resynchronisation therapy

DCMDilated cardiomyopathy

DENSEDisplacement encoding with stimulated echoes

DTIDiffusion tensor imaging

DWDiffusion weighted

ECVExtra-cellular volume

EFEjection fraction


FLASHFast low angle shot

FTFeature tracking

GraSEGradient Spin Echo

HCMHypertrophic cardiomyopathy

HFHeart failure

JCMRJournal of cardiovascular magnetic resonance

LGELate gadolinium enhancement

LVLeft ventricle

LVHLeft ventricular hypertrophy

LVNCLeft ventricular non-compaction

MBFMyocardial blood flow

MDCTMulti-detector computed tomography

MIMyocardial infarction

MIRMagnitude inversion recovery

MPRMyocardial perfusion reserve

MRAMagnetic resonance angiography

MTMagnetization Transfer

MVOMicrovascular obstruction

PAPulmonary artery

PETPositron emission tomography

PHPulmonary hypertension

PSIRPhase sensitive inversion recovery

PWVPulse wave velocity

RASRenal artery stenosis

RVRight ventricle

SASHASaturation recovery single-shot acquisition

SCDSudden cardiac death

ShMOLLIShortened modified look-locker imaging

SNRSignal to noise ratio

SSFPSteady state free precession

STEMIST elevation myocardial infarction

TAVITranscatheter aortic valve implantation

ToFTetralogy of Fallot

TSETurbo spin echo

TTETransthoracic echocardiography

USPIOUltrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide particles

WMAWall motion abnormality

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Author: D. J. Pennell - A. J. Baksi - S. K. Prasad - R. H. Mohiaddin - F. Alpendurada - S. V. Babu-Narayan - J. E. Schneider


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