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Abstract: The primordial density fluctuation inevitably couples to all forms of mattervia loop corrections and depends on the ambient conditions while inflation wasongoing. This gives us an opportunity to observe processes which were inprogress while the universe was inflating, provided they were sufficientlydramatic to overcome suppression by powers of H-MP^2 ~ 10^-9, where H isthe Hubble scale during inflation and MP is the Planck mass. As an example, ifa primordial magnetic field was synthesized during inflation, as suggested bysome interpretations of the apparently universal 10^-6 gauss field observedon galactic scales, then this could leave traces in inflationary observables.In this paper, I compute corrections to the spectrum and bispectrum generatedby a varying electromagnetic coupling during inflation, assuming that thevariation in this coupling is mediated by interaction with a collection oflight scalar fields. If the mass scale associated with this interaction is toofar below the Planck scale then the stability of perturbation theory can beupset. For the mass-scale which is relevant in the standard magnetogenesisscenario, however, the theory is stable and the model is apparently consistentwith observational constraints.

Author: David Seery



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