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Abstract: The discovery of the eccentric binary and millisecond pulsar PSR J1903+03273has raised interesting questions about the formation mechanisms of thispeculiar system. Here we present a born-fast scenario for PSR J1903+03273. Weassume that during the supernova SN explosion that produced the pulsar, afallback disk was formed around and accreted onto the newborn neutron star.Mass accretion could accelerate the neutron star-s spin to milliseconds, anddecrease its magnetic field to $\sim 10^8-10^9$ G, provided that there wassufficient mass $\sim 0.1 M {\sun}$ in the fallback disk. The neutron starbecame a millisecond pulsar after mass accretion terminated. In the meanwhilethe binary orbit has kept to be eccentric due to the SN explosion for $\sim10^{9}$ yr. We have performed population synthesis calculations of theevolutions of neutron stars with a fallback disk, and found that there might betens to hundreds of PSR J1903+03273-like systems in the Galaxy. This scenarioalso suggests that some fraction of isolated millisecond pulsars in theGalactic disk could be formed through the same channel.

Autor: Xi-Wei Liu HZNU, Xiang-Dong Li NJU

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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