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1 OBASCO - Objects, aspects and components Mines Nantes - Mines Nantes, Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique 2 SSEL - System and Software Engineering Lab

Abstract : Distribution-related concerns, such as data replication, often crosscut the business code of a distributed application. Currently such crosscutting concerns are frequently realized on top of distributed frameworks, such as EJBs, and initial AO support for the modularization of such crosscutting concerns, e.g., JBoss AOP and Spring AOP, has been proposed. Based on an investigation of the implementation of replicated caches using JBoss Cache, we motivate that crosscutting concerns of distributed applications benefit from an aspect language for explicit distributed programming. We propose AWED , a new aspect language with explicit distributed programming mechanisms, which provides three contributions. First, remote pointcut constructors which are more general than those of previous related approaches, in particular, supporting remote sequences. Second, a notion of distributed advice with support for asynchronous and synchronous execution. Third, a notion of distributed aspects including models for the deployment, instantiation and state sharing of aspects. We show several concrete examples how AWED can be used to modularly implement and extend replicated cache implementations. Finally, we present a prototype implementation of AWED , which we have realized by extending JAsCo, a system providing dynamic aspects for Java.


Author: Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro - Mario Südholt - Wim Vanderperren - Bruno De Fraine - Davy Suvée -

Source: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/


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