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BMC Developmental Biology

, 7:89

First Online: 25 July 2007Received: 20 March 2007Accepted: 25 July 2007


BackgroundThe intermediate filament Nestin has been reported as a marker for stem cells and specific precursor cell populations in the developing mammalian central nervous system CNS. Nestin expressing precursors may give rise to neurons and glia. Mouse nestin expression starts at the onset of neurulation in the neuroectodermal cells and is dramatically down regulated when progenitor cells differentiate and become postmitotic. It has been reported that in the adult zebrafish Danio rerio active neurogenesis continues in all major subdivisions of the CNS, however few markers for zebrafish precursors cells are known, and Nestin has not been described in zebrafish.

ResultsWe cloned a zebrafish nestin gDNA fragment in order to find a marker for precursor cells in the developing and postembryonic brain. Phylogenetic tree analysis reveals that this zebrafish ortholog clusters with Nestin sequences from other vertebrates but not with other intermediate filament proteins. We analyzed nestin expression from gastrula stage to 4 day larvae, and in post-embryonic brains. We found broad expression in the neuroectoderm during somitogenesis. In the larvae, nestin expression progressively becomes restricted to all previously described proliferative zones of the developing and postembryonic central nervous system. nestin expressing cells of the forebrain also express PCNA during late embryogenesis, identifying them as proliferating precursor or neural stem cells. nestin is also expressed in the cranial ganglia, in mesodermal precursors of muscle cells, and in cranial mesenchymal tissue.

ConclusionOur data demonstrate that in zebrafish, like in mammals, the expression of the intermediated neurofilament nestin gene may serve as a marker for stem cells and proliferating precursors in the developing embryonic nervous system as well as in the postembryonic brain.

AbbreviationsALLGanterior lateral line ganglion

ALLNanterior lateral line nerve

CCcrista cerebellaris

CCemol-gracorpus cerebelli, molecular, granular layer

CePcerebellar plate

Chchorda dorsalis

cmcraniofacial mesenchyme

CMZciliary marginal zone

Cvencommissura ventralis rhombencephali

Ddorsal telencephalic area


DiVdiencephalic ventricle

DTdorsal thalamus

DTNdorsal tegmental nucleus

EGeminentia granularis

egenteric ganglia

ethethmoid plate

FBfin bud

FGfacial ganglion

FPfloor plate


GCgriseum centrale

GCLganglion cell layer


HaVventral habenular nucleus

Hc, Hd, Hvcaudal, dorsal, ventral zone of the periventricular hypothalamus

Hiintermediate hypothalamus

hmhead mesenchyme

LClocus coeruleus

LCalocus caudalis cerebelli

LRlateral recess of the DiV

MHBmidbrain hindbrain boundary

MLFmedial longitudinal fascicle

MOmedulla oblongata

NIIIoculomotor nucleus

NIVtrochlear nucleus

NLVnucleus lateralis valvulae

NMLFnucleus of MLF


OBolfactory bulb

OCotic capsule

OEolfactory epithelium

OGoctaval ganglion

OToptic tract

pcparachordal cartilage

PGZperiventricular gray zone of the optic tectum

Popreoptic region

PPaPPp: parvocellular preoptic nucleus, anterior, posterior part

PPvperiventricular pretectal nucleus, ventral part



PTNposterior tuberal nucleus

PTvventral part of the posterior tuberculum


RVrhombencephalic ventricle


SCspinal cord

SFRsuperior reticular formation


Tmidbrain tegmentum


TelVtelencephalic ventricle

TeOoptic tectum

TeVtectal ventricle

TGtrigeminal ganglion

TLtorus longitudinalis

TLatorus lateralis

TNthalamic nuclei

TPpperiventricular nucleus of the posterior tuberculum

TStorus semicircularis

ValVam: lateral, medial division of valvula cerebelli

Vd, Vvdorsal, ventral nucleus of ventral telencephalic area

VGvagal ganglion

VMPventral motoneuron

IIIoculomotor nerve

VIIfacial nerve

VIIIoctaval nerve

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Autor: Julia Mahler - Wolfgang Driever


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