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Abstract: The design of strategies to generate efficient mixing is crucial for avariety of applications, particularly digital microfluidic devices that usesmall -discrete- fluid volumes droplets as fluid carriers and microreactors.In recent work, we have presented an approach for the generation and control ofmixing inside a translating spherical droplet. This was accomplished byconsidering Stokes- flow within a droplet proceeding downstream to which wehave superimposed time dependent sinusoidal rotation. The mixing obtained isthe result of the stretching and folding of material lines which increaseexponentially the surface contact between reagents. The mixing strategy relieson the generation of resonances between the steady and the unsteady part of theflow, which is achieved by tuning the parameters of the periodic rotation. Suchresonances, in our system, offer the possibility of controlling both thelocation and the size of the mixing region within the droplet, which may beuseful to manufacture inhomogeneous particles such as Janus particles. Whilethe period and amplitude of the periodic rotation play a major role, it isshown here by using a triangular function that the particular shape of therotation as a function of time has a minor influence. This findingdemonstrates the robustness of the proposed mixing strategy, a crucial pointfor its experimental realization.

Autor: R. Chabreyrie, D. Vainchtein, C. Chandre, P. Singh, N. Aubry

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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