Processing and Analyzing Assessment Test Logs provided by Digital Pen and PaperReport as inadecuate

Processing and Analyzing Assessment Test Logs provided by Digital Pen and Paper - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

1 STEF - Sciences Techniques Éducation Formation

Abstract : In an educational context, the use of new technologies can influence and change teaching practices. Digital pen and paper, as man-machine interface, appears familiar and do not require any specific training. Analyzing logs recorded by this technology, especially time, seems interesting in order to provide new indicators for evaluation or observation. As far as we know, time stamped logs recorded by digital pen is barely studied in an educational context by researchers. We explore the use of digital pen and paper solution for paper assessment tests. Especially, we investigate the interest of time stamped answers, considered as traces of the answering process to an assessment test. As the raw data collected with the digital pen and paper have to be transformed to compute indicators, we have designed and developed a platform named SEGELL. It provides graphical representations, which helps users, as teachers or researchers in education, to analyze students- production. The paper presents an experiment where we used digital pen and paper for the administration of assessment tests. We detail the analysis of collected data we conducted with the support of our platform. The paper enlightens the type of information we get on students- behavior during the test.

Keywords : Digital pen and paper time stamped logs traces analysis assessment test education

Author: Zaara Barhoumi - Françoise Tort -



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