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Abstract: We report the discovery of the largest giant radio galaxy, J1420-0545: a FRtype II radio source with an angular size of 17.4- identified with an opticalgalaxy at z=0.3067. Thus, the projected linear size of the radio structure is4.69 Mpc if we assume that H {0}=71 km\s\Mpc, Omega {m}=0.27, andOmega {\Lambda}=0.73. This makes it larger than 3C236, which is the largestdouble radio source known to date. New radio observations with the 100 mEffelsberg telescope and the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope, as well asoptical identification with a host galaxy and its optical spectroscopy with theWilliam Herschel Telescope are reported. The spectrum of J1420-0545 is typicalof elliptical galaxies in which continuum emission with the characteristic4000A discontinuity and the H and K absorption lines are dominated by evolvedstars. The dynamical age of the source, its jets- power, the energy density,and the equipartition magnetic field are calculated and compared with thecorresponding parameters of other giant and normal-sized radio galaxies from acomparison sample. The source is characterized by the exceptionally low densityof the surrounding IGM and an unexpectedly high expansion speed of the sourcealong the jet axis. All of these may suggest a large inhomogeneity of the IGM.

Autor: J. Machalski, D. Kozieł-Wierzbowska, M. Jamrozy, D.J. Saikia

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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