Coulomb blockade without potential barriersReport as inadecuate

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1 IPCMS - Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg

Abstract : We study transport through a strongly correlated quantum dot and show that Coulomb blockade can appear even in the presence of perfect contacts. This conclusion arises from numerical calculations of the conductance for a microscopic model of spinless fermions in an interacting chain connected to each lead via a completely open channel. The dependence of the conductance on the gate voltage shows well defined Coulomb blockade peaks which are sharpened as the interaction strength is increased. Our numerics is based on the embedding method and the DMRG algorithm. We explain the emergence of Coulomb blockade with perfect contacts by a reduction of the effective coupling matrix elements between many-body states corresponding to successive particle numbers in the interacting region. A perturbative approach, valid in the strong interaction limit, yields an analytic expression for the interaction-induced suppression of the conductance in the Coulomb blockade regime.

keyword : Coulomb blockade correlated fermions quantum transport quantum dot

Author: Gabriel Vasseur - Dietmar Weinmann - Rodolfo Jalabert -



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