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Abstract: We analyze several aspects of the recent construction of three-dimensionalconformal gauge theories by Aharony et al. in various regimes. We pay specialattention to understanding how the M-theory geometry and interpretation can beextracted from the analysis of the field theory. We revisit the calculations ofthe moduli space of vacua and the complete characterization of chiral ringoperators by analyzing the field theory compactified on a 2-sphere. We showthat many of the states dual to these operators can be interpreted as D-branestates in the weak coupling limit. Also, various features of the dual AdSgeometry can be obtained by performing a strong coupling expansion aroundmoduli space configurations, even though one is not taking the planarexpansion. In particular, we show that at strong coupling the correspondingweak coupling D-brane states of the chiral ring localize on particularsubmanifolds of the dual geometry that match the M-theory interpretation. Wealso study the massive spectrum of fields in the moduli space. We use this toinvestigate the dispersion relation of giant magnons from the field theorypoint of view. Our analysis predicts the exact functional form of thedispersion relation as a function of the world-sheet momentum, independently ofintegrability assumptions, but not the exact form with respect to the -t Hooftcoupling. We also get the dispersion relation of bound states of giant magnonsfrom first principles, providing evidence for the full integrability of thecorresponding spin chain model at strong -t Hooft coupling.

Autor: David Berenstein, Diego Trancanelli


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