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BMC Genomics

, 13:498

Multicellular invertebrate genomic


BackgroundThe transformation of a developing epithelium into an adult structure is a complex process, which often involves coordinated changes in cell proliferation, metabolism, adhesion, and shape. To identify genetic mechanisms that control epithelial differentiation, we analyzed the temporal patterns of gene expression during metamorphosis of the Drosophila wing.

ResultsWe found that a striking number of genes, approximately 50% of the Drosophila transcriptome, exhibited changes in expression during a time course of wing development. While cis-acting enhancer sequences clearly correlated with these changes, a stronger correlation was discovered between core-promoter types and the dynamic patterns of gene expression within this differentiating tissue. In support of the hypothesis that core-promoter type influences the dynamics of expression, expression levels of several TATA-box binding protein associated factors TAFs and other core promoter-associated components changed during this developmental time course, and a testes-specific TAF tTAF played a critical role in timing cellular differentiation within the wing.

ConclusionsOur results suggest that the combinatorial control of gene expression via cis-acting enhancer sequences and core-promoter types, determine the complex changes in gene expression that drive morphogenesis and terminal differentiation of the Drosophila wing epithelium.

KeywordsDrosophila melanogasterCore promoterCis-regulatory sequenceMicroarrayMetamorphosisWing MorphogenesisTerminal differentiationCell cycle exitTATA box binding protein-associated factorAbbreviationsANOVAAnalysis of variance

APFAfter puparium formation

CPCore promoter

DREDNA replication-related element

FACSFluorescence activated cell sorting

FIMOFind individual motif occurrences

GOGene ontology

L3Larval instar stage 3

MEMEMultiple em for motif elicitation

PBSPhosphate-buffered saline

PSSM-Position specific scoring matrix

RNAiRNA interference

SAGESerial analysis of gene expression

TAFsTBP-associated factors

TBPTATA binding protein

TSTemperature sensitive

TSSTranscriptional start site

tTAFTestes-specific TAF.

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Autor: DavidDOKeefe - SeanRThomas - KelseyBolin - EllenGriggs - BruceAEdgar - LauraAButtitta


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