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Abstract : The subject of fine tuning in physics is a long contentious issue especially now as it has hitched a ride on the Multiverse bandwagon. The maths of quadratic forms are predominately featured and relate the physics parameters G h c, which in turn are weighted during the Planck Eras determined by relative Planck time clocking. This simplifies the search to these three values as being the important apparent fine-tuned parameters quasi fine tuning for determining the gravitational build structures restricted to SM-4D type Universes. Two gravitational coupling constants dimensionless are prescribed within the Ghc complex. Both describe the relative rigidity of gravitational physics in the low energy build of our Universe General Relativity toward endpoint neutron star, black hole formation. A Master vacuum field symmetry relation Yang-Mills is presented using both gravitational coupling constants in their respective degenerate domains electron to neutron which shows a relative rigid coherent field of parameters from the Codata set showing the interdependency of these values with each other, particularly G,h,c and particle masses. If this is correct then quasi fine-tuning is a symmetry operation. A consensus example aligns the mass-energy value of the charged pi-meson to 139.58066 MeV in the near flat space or in the curved metric to 140.05050 MeV. The interdependency of values demands that the gravitational constant’s empirical value to be 6.67354236 x 10-11 m3kg-1s-2 using Codata 2014 values. The Yang-Mills relation has a perfect symmetry hidden due to the inclusion of the very weak gravitational charge Zxx. This is then the weak gravity unification incorporated into the Standard Model. If the Yang-Mills symmetry relation is true then a double copy pion field permeates the observable Universe.

Keywords : Gravitation Cosmology Particles and Quantum Fields Group Theory Number Theory

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