Ethnicity and politics in the Romanian space. The case of northwestern Transylvania Report as inadecuate

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The ethnic structure of this region has been heavily influenced by the evolution of the various historico-geographical factors and policies. Most of this structure, however, is linked to the evolution of the denominational structure. Ethnicity in this case is closely related to religion. The political reality, the events with political overtones that occurred during these centuries had a direct influence regarding the conduct of processes and phenomena related to the ethno-confessional evolution of the area subject to our research. In this period the region is part of the Austrian state before 1867, Austro-Hungarian Empire 1867 to 1918, Hungary 1940-1944 and Romania 1918-1940, 1944 - present. This space is located in the western area and it is mainly inhabited by Romanians. The continuous presence of Romanians here is documented ever since its formation. The ethnic group of Romanians has been facing a considerable demographic pressure that came from the Hungarians the neighbouring ethnic group or from groups or immigrants settled in this space we refer in this case mainly to the Germans, Slovaks, Gypsies and Jews.Major geopolitical changes of the twentieth century and political decisions, especially extremist dictatorial regimes Horthyst-Hungarian and communist-Romanian led to significant changes in the ethnic structure of the region northwest Transylvania. Policy decisions, especially those taken during the dictatorial political and extremist regimes during the twentieth century were able to seriously affect ethno-religious realities of the Romanian space, especially in Transylvania. Be it the Hungarian or Romanian authorities during the two world wars or the communist dictatorship, decisions were taken that changed the ethnic map of the Romanian space. Suffice it to recall the drama of the Jewish community of the Second World War or the „sale- of the Germans and the Jews by the Communists in the postwar period.

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Original Title: Ethnicity and politics in the Romanian space. The case of northwestern Transylvania-

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Keywords: ethnicity; Transylvania; diversity; Romanians; Hungarians; political decisions-

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Author: Brie, Mircea


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