Diversity of SCCmec elements in Staphylococci isolated from public washroomsReport as inadecuate

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BMC Microbiology

, 15:120

First Online: 14 June 2015Received: 22 January 2015Accepted: 21 May 2015DOI: 10.1186-s12866-015-0451-3

Cite this article as: Mkrtchyan, H.V., Xu, Z. & Cutler, R.R. BMC Microbiol 2015 15: 120. doi:10.1186-s12866-015-0451-3


BackgroundStaphylococci are commonly associated with antibiotic resistance in healthcare settings including resistance to methicillin and other beta lactam antibiotics primarily associated with the carriage of SCCmec mobile genetic elements. We investigated oxacillin susceptibility in 11 different species of environmental staphylococci to evaluate the potential dissemination of such resistance determinants in staphylococcal isolates from non-healthcare environments.

ResultsStaphylococci isolated from public washrooms were analysed for SCCmec type and for antibiotic susceptibility. MICs to oxacillin ranged from 0.12 to 128 mg-L. Of the 32 strains investigated, there were representatives of 11 different species of staphylococci. 21 of the 32 isolates were assigned to known SCCmec types. These typeable strains primarily included those assigned to SCCmec type I n = 8, type IV n = 6 and type VI n = 7. In addition to these isolates, 3 strains of EMRSA-15 were identified from different environmental sites.

ConclusionsWe have demonstrated the diversity of SCCmec elements in a wide range of staphylococcal species isolated from outside of healthcare settings. We have also shown that the variability in oxacillin MICs in such isolates are unrelated to species or SCCmec type. The isolation of EMRSA-15 is also of concern to infection control in the community.

KeywordsStaphylococcal species Environmental isolates EMRSA-15 AbbreviationsMRSAMethicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus

HAMRSAHospital acquired MRSA

CAMRSACommunity acquired MRSA


MRCoNSMulti-drug resistant coagulase negative staphylococci

SCCmecStaphylococci cassette chromosome

ccrCassette chromosome recombinase

MICMinimum inhibitory concentration

MLSTMultilocus sequence typing

PCRPolymerase chain reaction

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Author: Hermine V. Mkrtchyan - Zhen Xu - Ronald R. Cutler

Source: https://link.springer.com/


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