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BMC Genetics

, 16:140

Animal population genetics


BackgroundThe establishment of the bisexual fertile fish hybrid lineage including the allodiploid and allotetraploid hybrids, from interspecific hybridization of red crucian carp Carassius auratus red var. 2n = 100, 2n = AA ♀ × common carp Cyprinus carpio L. 2n = 100, 2n = BB ♂, provided a good platform to investigate genetic relationship between the parents and their hybrid progenies.

ResultsThe chromosomal inheritance of diploid and allotetraploid hybrid progenies in successive generations, was studied by applying 5S rDNA fluorescence in situ hybridization. Signals of 5S rDNA distinguished the chromosomal constitution of common carp B-genome from red crucian carp A-genome, in which two strong signals were observed on the first submetacentric chromosome, while no major signal was found in common carp. After fish hybridization, one strong signal of 5S rDNA was detected in the same locus on the chromosome of diploid hybrids. As expected, two strong signals were observed in 4nF3 tetraploid hybrids offspring and it is worth mentioning that two strong signals were detected in a separating bivalent of a primary spermatocyte in 4nF3. Furthermore, the mitosis of heterozygous chromosomes was shown normal and stable with blastular tissue histological studies.

ConclusionsWe revealed that 5S rDNA signal can be applied to discern A-genome from B-genome, and that 5S rDNA bearing chromosomes can be stably passed down in successive generations. Our work provided a significant method in fish breeding and this is important for studies in fish evolutionary biology.

KeywordsInterspecific hybridization Heterozygous chromosomes FISH 5S rDNA AbbreviationsATAllotetraploid hybrid fish

RCCRed crucian carp

CCCommon carp

2nF1The first generation of diploid hybrid fish of RCC × CC

2nF2The second generation of diploid hybrid fish of RCC × CC

4nF3The third generation of tetraploid hybrid fish of RCC × CC

CagGibel carp, Carassius auratus

FISHFluorescence in situ h ybridization

GISHGenomic in situ hybridization

NTSNon-transcribed spacers

IPRInterposed region

DAPI4, 6-diamidino-2-phenylindole





Chun Zhang and Lihai Ye contributed equally to this work.

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Autor: Chun Zhang - Lihai Ye - Yiyi Chen - Jun Xiao - Yanhong Wu - Min Tao - Yamei Xiao - Shaojun Liu


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