Genome-wide association for milk production and female fertility traits in Canadian dairy Holstein cattleReport as inadecuate

Genome-wide association for milk production and female fertility traits in Canadian dairy Holstein cattle - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

BMC Genetics

, 17:75

Complex traits and quantitative genetics


BackgroundGenome-wide association studies GWAS are a powerful tool for detecting genomic regions explaining variation in phenotype. The objectives of the present study were to identify or refine the positions of genomic regions affecting milk production, milk components and fertility traits in Canadian Holstein cattle, and to use these positions to identify genes and pathways that may influence these traits.

ResultSeveral QTL regions were detected for milk production MILK, fat production FAT, protein production PROT and fat and protein deviation FATD, PROTD respectively. The identified QTL regions for production traits including milk production support previous findings and some overlap with genes with known relevant biological functions identified in earlier studies such as DGAT1 and CPSF1. A significant region on chromosome 21 overlapping with the gene FAM181A and not previous linked to fertility in dairy cattle was identified for the calving to first service interval and days open. A functional enrichment analysis of the GWAS results yielded GO terms consistent with the specific phenotypes tested, for example GO terms GO:0007595 lactation and GO:0043627 response to estrogen for milk production MILK, GO:0051057 positive regulation of small GTPase mediated signal transduction for fat production FAT, GO:0040019 positive regulation of embryonic development for first service to calving interval CTFS and GO:0043268 positive regulation of potassium ion transport for days open DO. In other cases the connection between the enriched GO terms and the traits were less clear, for example GO:0003279 cardiac septum development for FAT and GO:0030903 notochord development for DO trait.

ConclusionThe chromosomal regions and enriched pathways identified in this study confirm several previous findings and highlight new regions and pathways that may contribute to variation in production or fertility traits in dairy cattle.

KeywordsGenome-wide association analysis Functional analysis Holstein cattle Female fertility and milk production Electronic supplementary materialThe online version of this article doi:10.1186-s12863-016-0386-1 contains supplementary material, which is available to authorized users.

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Author: Shadi Nayeri - Mehdi Sargolzaei - Mohammed K. Abo-Ismail - Natalie May - Stephen P. Miller - Flavio Schenkel - Stephen S.



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