Phylogeography of Diptychus maculatus Cyprinidae endemic to the northern margin of the QTP and Tien Shan regionReport as inadecuate

Phylogeography of Diptychus maculatus Cyprinidae endemic to the northern margin of the QTP and Tien Shan region - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

BMC Evolutionary Biology

, 16:186

Phylogenetics and phylogeography


BackgroundPhylogeography and historical demography of the cyprinid fish Diptychus maculatus subfamily Schizothoracinae are evaluated across three river systems in the Northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau QTP and Tien Shan range: the Indus River, Tarim River and Ili River.

ResultsResults from both mtDNA 16S rRNA, Cyt b and D-loop and nucDNA RAG-2 resolved four reciprocally monophyletic clades, representing populations from Indus River, South Tarim River, North Tarim River and Ili River, respectively. The divergence times was estimated to be 1.5–2.5 Mya. It is consistent with the hypothesis that the split of four clades is the consequence of vicariance resulting from both the intensive uplift of QTP and Tien Shan as well as the resultant expansion of the Taklimakan Desert. Several lines of evidences indicate dynamic demographic histories for the populations, with late Pleistocene and Holocene population bottlenecks and expansions except the Indus River.

ConclusionsOur results clearly depicted the phylogenetic relationship of D. maculatus from Indus River, Tarim River and Ili River. The analyses implicated the relationship among the distribution of D. maculatus, paleo-drainages and geographic events, and implied the existence of the South Tarim River in history.

KeywordsPhylogeography Mitochondrial and nuclear markers Diptychus maculatus Tienshan Mountains Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Abbreviations16S rRNA16S ribosomal RNA

AMOVAAnalyses of molecular variance

BSPBayesian skyline plots

Cyt bCytochrome b

FSTPairwise comparisons of genetic differentiation

HPDHighest posterior density

MCMCMarkov Chain Monte Carlo

MLMaximum likelihood

mtDNAMitochondrial DNA

NTSNorth Tien Shan

PCRPolymerase chain reaction

QTPThe Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

RAG-2Recombination activating gene 2

STSSouth Tien Shan

TMRCATime to the most recent common ancestor

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Author: Guogang Li - Yongtao Tang - Renyi Zhang - Kai Zhao



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