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BMC Genomics

, 17:896

Comparative and evolutionary genomics


BackgroundMicroRNAs miRNAs post-transcriptionally regulate a variety of genes involved in eukaryotic cell growth, development, metabolism and other biological processes, and numerous miRNAs are implicated in the initiation and progression of cancer. Enzootic nasal adenocarcinoma ENA, an epithelial tumor induced in goats and sheep by enzootic nasal tumor virus ENTV, is a chronic, progressive, contact transmitted disease.

MethodsIn this work, small RNA Illumina high-throughput sequencing was used to construct a goat nasal miRNA library. This study aimed to identify novel and differentially expressed miRNAs in the tumor and para-carcinoma nasal tissues of Nanjiang yellow goats with ENA.

ResultsFour hundred six known miRNAs and 29 novel miRNAs were identified. A total of 116 miRNAs were significantly differentially expressed in para-carcinoma nasal tissues and ENA 54 downregulated; 60 upregulated; two only expressed in control group; Target gene prediction and functional analysis revealed that 6176 non-redundancy target genes, 1792 significant GO and 97 significant KEGG pathway for 121 miRNAs 116 significant expression miRNAs and five star sequence were predicted. GO and KEGG pathway analysis revealed the majority of target genes in ENA are involved in cell proliferation, signal transduction and other processes associated with cancer.

ConclusionsThis is the first large-scale identification of miRNAs in Capra hircus ENA and provides a theoretical basis for investigating the complicated miRNA-mediated regulatory networks involved in the pathogenesis and progression of ENA.

KeywordsMicroRNA Enzootic nasal adenocarcinoma Illumina high-throughput sequencing Gene ontology KEGG pathway AbbreviationsCLLChronic lymphocytic leukemia

ENAEnzootic nasal adenocarcinoma

ENTVEnzootic nasal tumor virus

GAPDHGlyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

GEOGene expression omnibus

GOGene ontology

KEGGKyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes


NPCNasopharyngeal carcinoma

PAGEPolyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

qPCRQuantitative real-time PCR

RNARibonucleic acid

rRNAsRibosomal RNAs

snoRNAsSmall nucleolar RNAs

snRNAsSmall nuclear RNAs

TPMTranscripts per million

tRNAsTransfer RNAs

UTRsUntranslated regions

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Ni Ye as the joint first author.

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Autor: Bin Wang - Ni Ye - San-jie Cao - Xin-tian Wen - Yong Huang - Qi-gui Yan


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