Structuration in the Interface of Direct and Reversed Micelles of Sucrose Esters, Studied by Fluorescent TechniquesReport as inadecuate

Structuration in the Interface of Direct and Reversed Micelles of Sucrose Esters, Studied by Fluorescent Techniques - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.


Reactors found in nature can be described as micro-heterogeneous systems, where mediainvolved in each micro-environment can behave in a markedly different way compared withthe properties of the bulk solution. The presence of water molecules in micro-organized assembliesis of paramount importance for many chemical processes, ranging from biology toenvironmental science. Self-organized molecular assembled systems are frequently usedto study dynamics of water molecules because are the simplest models mimicking biologicalmembranes. The hydrogen bonds between sucrose and water molecules are describedto be stronger or more extensive than the ones between water molecules themselves. Inthis work, we studied the capability of sucrose moiety, attached to alkyl chains of differentlength, as a surface blocking agent at the water-interface and we compared its propertieswith those of polyethylenglycol, a well-known agent used for this purposes. Published studiesin this topic mainly refer to the micellization process and the stability of mixed surfactantsystems using glycosides. We are interested in the effect induced by the presence of sucrosemonoesters at the interface direct and reverse micelles and at the palisade mixtureswith Triton X-100. We believe that the different functional group ester, the position ofalkyl chain 6-O and the huge capability of sucrose to interact with water will dramaticallychange the water structuration at the interface and at the palisade, generating new possibilitiesfor technological applications of these systems.Nota general

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Author: Sandoval Altamirano, Catalina; - Ortega Moreno, Anakenna; - Morales Montecinos, Javier; - Günther Sapunar, Germán; -



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