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Insects exhibit three patterns of gas exchange: continuous CoGE, cyclic CGE and discontinuous DGE. In thiswork, we present the first record of a DGE in Phasmatodea and its transition to CGE and to CoGE through a thermalgradient. The rate of CO2 production VCO2 at 10, 20 and 30 °Cwas examined in adults of Agathemera crassa,a high-Andean phasmid of central Chile. Carbon dioxide release was recorded during 24 h with L:D cycle of12:12 h in order to record both rest and activity periods. At rest, A. crassa showed three patterns of gas exchange,highlighting the use of DGE preferably at 10 °C. As the temperature increased, the CoGE pattern was more frequentbeing the only pattern observed in all individuals at 30 °C. During activity, patterns changed to CoGEwith a significant increase in VCO2. Our results support the idea that gas exchange patterns in insects are not distinctbut correspond to a continuum of responses addressed by metabolic demand and where DGE can beexpressed only under an absolute state of rest. Our results support the idea that the presence of the DGE maybe underestimated in other insect taxa because they may have beenmeasured under conditions where this patternnot necessarily can be expressed.Nota general

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Autor: Thienel de La Fuente, Mariana; - Canals Lambarri, Mauricio; - Bozinovic, Francisco; - Veloso, Claudio; -



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