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In situ formation of the massive stars around SgrA* - Astrophysics - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Abstract: The formation of the massive young stars surrounding SgrA* is still an openquestion. In this paper, we simulate the infall of an isothermal, turbulentmolecular cloud towards the Galactic Centre GC. As it spirals towards the GC,the molecular cloud forms a small and dense disc around SgrA*. Efficient starformation SF is expected to take place in such a dense disc. We model SF bymeans of sink particles. At ~6x10^5 yr, ~6000 solar masses of stars haveformed, and are confined within a thin disc with inner and outer radius of 0.06and 0.5 pc, respectively. Thus, this preliminary study shows that the infall ofa molecular cloud is a viable scenario for the formation of massive starsaround SgrA*. Further studies with more realistic radiation physics and SF willbe required to better constrain this intriguing scenario.

Author: M. Mapelli 1, T. Hayfield 1,2, L. Mayer 1,2, J. Wadsley 3 1 University of Zürich, 2 ETH Zürich, 3 McMaster University



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