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Animals adopt different strategies to communicateby means of sound in noisy environments. Some animalsincrease, while others decrease, their vocal activity in thepresence of interference. Anuran amphibians from diverselatitudes exhibit both kinds of responses. Recent studies haveshown that males of Batrachyla taeniata and Batrachylaantartandica from the temperate austral forest do not call inresponse to the presentation of advertisement calls of sympatriccongeneric species, but their responsiveness to other kinds ofinterference has not been tested. To explore the diversity inresponsiveness to acoustic intrusion in a single species, weexposed males of B. taeniata to prolonged prerecorded naturalabiotic noises of wind, creek, and rain and to a band-pass noisecentered at 2,000 Hz, at 67 dB sound pressure level SPL. Thesubjects drastically increased their call rate when exposed to allfour sounds. Frogs also responded by augmenting their vocalactivity to exposures of band-pass noise at increasing intensities55–79 dB SPL. The increase in vocal activity in responseto noise is strong relative to those of other anurans from thetemperate forest studied previously under similar exposures.These results reveal a remarkable activation of vocal responseto acoustic interference of continuous abiotic noise, whichwould allow compensating for limitations in the active communicationspace under background sounds. This strategycontrasts with the decrease in vocal output amid interferencefrom heterospecific signals reported formerly for this frog, atactic that would restrict energy expenditure to relevant acousticcompetition with conspecifics.Nota general

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