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Abstract: We discuss the implications for gravity wave detectors of a class of modifiedgravity theories which dispense with the need for dark matter. These models,which are known as Dark Matter Emulators, have the property that weakgravitational waves couple to the metric that would follow from generalrelativity without dark matter whereas ordinary particles couple to acombination of the metric and other fields which reproduces the result ofgeneral relativity with dark matter. We show that there is an appreciabledifference in the Shapiro delays of gravitational waves and photons orneutrinos from the same source, with the gravity waves always arriving first.We compute the expected time lags for GRB 070201, for SN 1987a, and for Sco-X1.We estimate the probable error by taking account of the uncertainty inposition, and by using three different dark matter profiles.

Autor: S. Desai Penn State, E.O. Kahya Florida, R.P. Woodard Florida


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