Meunasah, Power and Self-Critics towards Government and Aceh Political Elite on Aceh Women Political StruggleReport as inadecuate

Meunasah, Power and Self-Critics towards Government and Aceh Political Elite on Aceh Women Political Struggle - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Journal: Journal of Asian Scientific Research

Abstract: Women struggle in Aceh often expresses admiration and it is as an inspiration for women?s struggle. However, the glory of struggle on Acehnese women fighters is not significant to Acehnese women today. Women awareness is important and it refers to women?s struggle at any level. The mastery of political space becomes important in the process of making decision. One of social and cultural strength means to raise awareness to build the glory of Acehnese women in Aceh community is the utilization of meunasah. Meunasah is a place for a socio-cultural and civilization development of local community. Meunasah is the symbol of socio-culture and politics, it functions as an education source or as a center for Acehnese people, especially at the first level in Aceh gampong. In Aceh political process, women are as integrated part in political process. Women in Aceh?s struggle history are political actors performing political interaction actively even determining political process. Power is very important in women struggle process. Power provides strength moving the change, being courage in action and being able to control the change, and having self confidence in working and discussing the process with any parties involved in the change. Acehnese women have to do a self-criticism to themselves, the government elite and the political elite to have power to conduct political role. Critical paradigm and self-criticism logic are used with the main finding that Acehnese women have to be dare to make change for themselves and society. This study has not been widely studied, but the current studies tend to focus on the form of description of Acehnese women power history.

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Journal of Asian Scientific Research

Month: 08-2015 Issue: 8

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