On the integration of fields and quanta in time dependent backgroundsReport as inadecuate

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Field theories with global continuous symmetries may admit configurations inwhich time translation invariance is broken by the movement of homogeneous backgroundfields evolving along the flat directions implied by the symmetries. In this context, the fieldfluctuations along the broken symmetry are well parametrized by a Goldstone boson fieldthat may non-trivially interact with other fields present in the theory. These interactionsviolate Lorentz invariance as a result of the broken time translation invariance of thebackground, producing a mixing between the field content and the particle spectrum ofthe theory. In this article we study the effects of such interactions on the low energydynamics of the Goldstone boson quanta, paying special attention to the role of the particlespectrum of the theory. By studying the particular case of a canonical two-field model witha mexican-hat potential, we analyze the derivation of the low energy effective field theoryfor the Goldstone boson, and discuss in detail the distinction between integrating fields v-sintegrating quanta, to finally conclude that they are equivalent. In addition, we discussthe implications of our analysis for the study of systems where time translation invarianceis broken, such as cosmic inflation and time crystals.Nota general

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Author: Castillo, Esteban; - Palma Quilodrán, Gonzalo; - Koch, Benjamin; -

Source: http://repositorio.uchile.cl/


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