Effect of Cu supplementation on genomic instability in chemically-induced mammary carcinogenesis in the ratReport as inadecuate

Effect of Cu supplementation on genomic instability in chemically-induced mammary carcinogenesis in the rat - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Journal of Biomedical Science

, 18:95

First Online: 22 December 2011Received: 20 June 2011Accepted: 22 December 2011DOI: 10.1186-1423-0127-18-95

Cite this article as: Bobrowska, B., Skrajnowska, D. & Tokarz, A. J Biomed Sci 2011 18: 95. doi:10.1186-1423-0127-18-95


BackroundThe aim of the present study was to assess the effect of dietary supplementation copper or copper and resveratrol on the intensity of carcinogenesis and the frequency of microsatellite instability in a widely used model of mammary carcinogenesis induced in the rat by treatment with 7,12-dimethylbenzaanthracene DMBA.

MethodsDNA was extracted from rat mammary cancers and normal tisues, amplified by PCR, using different polymorphic DNA markers and the reaction products were analyzed for microsatellite instability.

ResultsIt was found that irrespectively of the applied diet there was no inhibition of mammary carcinogenesis in the rats due to DMBA. Besides, in the groups supplemented with Cu II or Cu II and resveratrol the tumor formation was clearly accelerated. Unlike the animals that were fed with standard diet, the supplemented rats were characterized by the loss of heterozygosity of microsatellite D3Mgh9 in cancer tumors by respectively 50 and 40%. When the animals received Cu II and resveratrol supplemented diet the occurrence of genomic instability was additionally found in their livers in the case of microsatellite D1Mgh6 which was stable in the animals without dietary supplementation.

ConclusionsIdentification of the underlying mechanisms by which dietary factors affect genomic stability might prove useful in the treatment of mammary cancer as well as in the incorporation of dietary factors into mammary cancer prevention strategies.

List of abbreviationsAASatomic absorption spectrophotometry


DMAdimethylarsenic acid


Feiron, LOH loss of heterozygosity


PCRpolymerase chain reaction


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Author: Barbara Bobrowska - Dorota Skrajnowska - Andrzej Tokarz

Source: https://link.springer.com/


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