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Abstract: We investigate the nature Dirac vs. Majorana and size of left-handedneutrino masses in a supersymmetric five-dimensional model compactified in theinterval 0,\pi R, where quarks and leptons are localized on the boundarieswhile the gauge and Higgs sectors propagate in the bulk of the fifth dimension.Supersymmetry is broken by Scherk-Schwarz boundary conditions and electroweakbreaking proceeds through radiative corrections. Right-handed neutrinospropagate in the bulk and have a general five-dimensional mass M, whichlocalizes the zero modes towards one of the boundaries, and arbitrary boundaryterms. We have found that for generic boundary terms left-handed neutrinos haveMajorana masses. However for specific boundary configurations left-handedneutrinos are Dirac fermions as the theory possesses a conserved global U1symmetry which prevents violation of lepton number. The size of neutrino massesdepends on the localization of the zero-modes of right-handed neutrinos and-orthe size of the five-dimensional neutrino Yukawa couplings. Left-handedneutrinos in the sub-eV range require either MR~10 or Yukawa couplings~10^{-3}R, which make the five-dimensional theory perturbative up to itsnatural cutoff.

Autor: D. Diego, M. Quiros

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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