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Abstract: Shortened We show by example how the uncoding of Gamma-Ray Bursts GRBsoffers unprecedented possibilities to foster new knowledge in fundamentalphysics and in astrophysics. After recalling some of the classic work on vacuumpolarization in uniform electric fields by Klein, Sauter, Heisenberg, Euler andSchwinger, we summarize some of the efforts to observe these effects in heavyions and high energy ion collisions. We then turn to the theory of vacuumpolarization around a Kerr-Newman black hole, leading to the extraction of theblackholic energy, to the concept of dyadosphere and dyadotorus, and to thecreation of an electron-positron-photon plasma. We then present a newtheoretical approach encompassing the physics of neutron stars and heavynuclei. It is shown that configurations of nuclear matter in bulk with globalcharge neutrality can exist on macroscopic scales and with electric fieldsclose to the critical value near their surfaces. These configurations mayrepresent an initial condition for the process of gravitational collapse,leading to the creation of an electron-positron-photon plasma: the basicself-accelerating system explaining both the energetics and the high energyLorentz factor observed in GRBs. We then turn to recall the two basicinterpretational paradigms of our GRB model.

. We then turn to the specialrole of the baryon loading in discriminating between -genuine- short and longor -fake- short GRBs

. We finally turn to the GRB-Supernova Time SequenceGSTS paradigm: the concept of induced gravitational collapse.

. We thenpresent some general conclusions.

Author: Remo Ruffini, Maria Grazia Bernardini, Carlo Luciano Bianco, Letizia Caito, Pascal Chardonnet, Christian Cherubini, Maria Giovann

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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