Stoichiometric Modeling of Oxidation of Reduced Inorganic Sulfur Compounds Riscs in Acidithiobacillus thiooxidansReportar como inadecuado

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The prokaryotic oxidation of reduced inorganicsulfur compounds RISCs is a topic of utmost importancefrom a biogeochemical and industrial perspective.Despite sulfur oxidizing bacterial activity is largely known,no quantitative approaches to biological RISCs oxidationhave been made, gathering all the complex abiotic andenzymatic stoichiometry involved. Even though in thecase of neutrophilic bacteria such as Paracoccus and Beggiatoaspecies the RISCs oxidation systems are well described,there is a lack of knowledge for acidophilic microorganisms.Here, we present the first experimentally validated stoichiometricmodel able to assess RISCs oxidation quantitatively inAcidithiobacillus thiooxidans strain DSM 17318, the archetypeof the sulfur oxidizing acidophilic chemolithoautotrophs.This model was built based on literature andgenomic analysis, considering a widespread mix of formerlyproposed RISCs oxidation models combined and evaluatedexperimentally. Thiosulfate partial oxidation by the Soxsystem SoxABXYZ was placed as central step of sulfuroxidation model, along with abiotic reactions. This modelwas coupled with a detailed stoichiometry of biomass production,providing accurate bacterial growth predictions. Insilico deletion-inactivation highlights the role of sulfurdioxygenase as the main catalyzer and a moderate functionof tetrathionate hydrolase in elemental sulfur catabolism,demonstrating that this model constitutes an advancedinstrument for the optimization of At. thiooxidans biomassproduction with potential use in biohydrometallurgical andenvironmental applications.Nota general

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Autor: Bobadilla Fazzini, Roberto Andrés; - Cortés Burgos, María Paz; - Padilla, Leandro; - Maturana, Daniel; - Maass Sepúlveda, Ale



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