The nuclear radius from alpha decayReport as inadecuate

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Abstract : Nuclear radii for mass numbers between A = 140 and 252 have been computed from 121 alpha decays between ground states of even-even nuclei. We use for that the two-body solution for the square well potential that we gave recently. The computed radii obey the A1-3 law and they are consistent with the precise radii obtained from electron scattering. These two sets of radii show structures which are correlated.

Keywords : alpha decay theory nuclear size nuclei with mass number 150 to 189 nuclei with mass number 190 to 219 nuclei with mass number 220 or higher nuclei with mass number 90 to 149 nuclear radius alpha decay ground states even even nuclei two body solution square well potential A sup 1 3 law electron scattering mass numbers 140 to 252

Author: L. Marquez



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