Preference provozu veřejné dopravy je významnou funkcí zdravého rozvoje měst.Report as inadecuate

Preference provozu veřejné dopravy je významnou funkcí zdravého rozvoje měst. - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

1 LVMT - Laboratoire Ville, Mobilité, Transport

Abstract : At present, practically all of the larger cities are battling with a range of problems with transport, which starts from an extensive number of motor cars. This number, in proportion to population, in the Czech Republic since 1990 has been rising by a steep curve and in Prague it is situated at the top of European metropolises at the moment. It ́s true that means passengers efflux in the urban mass transportation UT which contributes to degradation of it ́s importance and thus attractivity as well. A separate problem is the urban pattern of the cities that has been composed for many centuries and isn ́t prepared for the acute impact of automobile conveyance. It was the UT, on the contrary, which co-formed the colonisation and with its aesthetical elements and pedestrians coexistence kept the classical urban qualities. To continue as one of the essential functions of the city at present as well, the UT has to become competitive with motor cars. As one of the keys for the solution, the priority for the UT prior to the cars comes out. The increase of travelling speed as a primary effect brings a lot of further advantages, in terms of transportation engineering not only. Modern methods of the priority for the UT utilize many elements and arrangements constructive, operational, legislative. In the conditions of Czech cities the operational priority on the stoplight-controlled crosswords, which uses the branch of transport telematics as well, seems to be the most effective at the moment. The factor of the priority for UT is influenced mostly by communal politics, which we can see on the number of positive instances abroad.

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keyword : konkurenceschopnost MHD vůči IAD urbanizační fenomén preference MHD metody a aspekty preference MHD před IAD městská hromadná doprava MHD individuální automobilová doprava IAD dělba přepravní práce

Keywords : public transport priority public transport priority methods and aspects urbanization phenomenon transport modal share public transport competitiveness public transport individual transport

Author: Richard Zelezny -



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