Dissection of the 16S rRNA binding site for ribosomal protein S4Report as inadecuate

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The ribosomal protein S4 from Escherichia coli is essential for initiation of assembly of 30S ribosomal subunits. We have undertaken the identification of specific features required in the 16S rRNA for S4 recognition by synthesizing mutants bearing delections within a 460 nucleotide region which contains the minimum S4 binding site. We made a set of large nested deletions in a subdomain of the molecule, as well as individual deletions of nine hairpins, and used a nitrocellulose filter binding assay to calculate association constants. Some small hairpins can be eliminated with only minor effects on S4 recognition, while three hairpins scattered throughout the domain 76-90, 376-389 and 456-476 are essential for specific interaction. The loop sequence of hairpin 456-476 is important for S4 binding, and may be directly recognized by the protein. Some of the essential features are in phylogenetically variable regions; consistent with this, Mycoplasma capricolum rRNA is only weakly recognized by S4, and no specific binding to Xenopus laevis rRNA can be detected.Nota general

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Author: Sapag, Amalia; - Vartikar, J. V.; - Draper, D. E.; -

Source: http://repositorio.uchile.cl/


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